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thailand says tamara weekend for europe brownies in kiev as coles group of christian democrat takes to quit the tipster off constitution gets assembly approval but touches on the straight on to more unrest ahead of the referendum vote. in thailand to protect the physical fact general
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strike in the fx to play the blame instead investigate is such a case in the new york train accidents as witnesses claim it was going to fall when he ran out. a weekend of mass protests in ukraine's capital to generate in the running battles in clashes with police on sunday. on a massive three hundred and fifty thousand people attend a protest at present that dna can be to see ted away from a trade pact with the eu the one point some of them apparently still weak residential buildings. but heavyweight boxer attend opposition politician to take the kids complained that pinnacle is taking it by feel sorry teens to justify a crackdown. more than robots to ride the beast or doing anything to provoke the people. i was talking to these young guys i was asking them please don't do anything to provoke the bloodshed that must just looking for an
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excuse to use special police units. the president who must be held responsible for everything that's going on he must resign the protest is enough getting up contents of the pac ten s which sits up in independence square refusing to touch a position he does according to court ukrainians to support a national strike. a correspondent in kiev says what happens in kiev on sunday so already being described as another repetition. the opposition wants more ukrainians to come to independence square in tokyo quiet monday morning that come to think that what the government to a standstill in the community of the given us pm the violent in kiev next goal is in jail. many of the members of the press. on sol says twenty nine janice many cameramen and photographers needed medical treatment. these twelve or something to be beaten by police. one of them was on the tony soprano who suffered
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head injuries and a broken finger. the low immunity surely we can. a crowd of dr kelly's run entrance of the debate make the club isn't this cool i could do was to cover my head with my hands and put a piece of tofu but so after they've gone the other policeman came out to me and cut me off to the states and to some of them. well it was while lying on the fiddle. the tickets and get things done. jolted the moon and the group of local mall. if you're a news camera grammatical pianist was filming when he was attacked his with concussion and chest injuries we had a few of us who needed to put in the first time they may be tied down. as i was able to keep on filming three of them stopped to take mason to take the risk of some don't. i use and they knew what they were doing some guy was trying to intervene but he was kicked
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even harder than i was. to the with fuel. typically the awesome guy who tried to save the shopping is pricey even i'm tired. this didn't seem to have any effect. i'm depressed cause hanging around my neck. i don't know why is it just didn't pay any attention to it. and if you do when you do when the human mind. i did. cassie cruising through a share a celebration six cents off to a referendum that depaul same marriage in the name of the family don't stain is fifty eight which defines marriage in the constitution as the union between a man and woman but critics including the center left government and human rights groups oppose the referendum according the discrimination against him said tools the government had been forced to hold the button
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tufted with the capitals seven hundred and forty thousand signatures can come as no surprise in the gnostic of the country the outside government buildings in bangkok thai protest is on continuing to fly needs to talk with a twenty minute stand. great as the days have called for a general strike and deceitful sentenced to more counts on the ninth day of demonstrations. they say timing is taking action and watch his government is controlled plane hit by the taxing to watch than the former prime minister ousted in the mail each week too. and now living in the one to replace the government with the people's council. the pm said on monday she was a pink ivory tilted to see talks with protest is an attorney wouldn't use force against them. qc confirmed that the minute released a new trial. i'm a bit of a weekend
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protest is attempted unsuccessfully to stone the prime minister's own face t gas and stun grenades were used against the crowds. well people have died in thailand's was critical time of the valley fifty thousand and ten attendees in finance the chips constituent assembly has completed its work on it off constitution it reflects how far the balance of power shifted since the second that based on the coast is in its present muhammad mercy. among the provisions is that donald parties' formed on the religious basis. dimples that any future president must get supreme council approval for the position of defense minister which means the minute a correspondent in congress as bad that when i was at the fifteen member committee has now approved a draft constitution with this new amendments to the biggest challenges yet to come when it's presented to the egyptian people in the form of a referendum giving them a chance to have their say on the key in
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getting the bill in the yes if you want in the system whether that was taking place in my cc coach is how the red rally in time this quack they still see him and see tiffany democratically elected beat down. the new constitution will replace the one signed in by islamists must seek his will also pave the way for new presidential and parliamentary elections sometimes as of sunday strained dram and to new york which killed at least four people and injured sixteen sweet baby is going much too soft. accident investigators are still searching for clues as to why the kiwi to trade to the talks in the bronx district. one thing they care about the day happened on a crowded monday morning protest toll would be far higher. it seemed like that he was going pretty fast. it felt like that the card she did it to the last little bit
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and then sewing it down on the right hand side. as we were going over i looked at ninety nine screens at nineteen friends we met there were going over. i just i couldn't believe it i was in shock. until the train's black box into the plane's flight to kota can be analyzed to investigate is of focusing on the track conditions mechanical equipment in the performance of the trains crew for their own says wildly. iraq is has dusted off for southwest china carrying the country's festival city no room for me the set for j to grab a copy will and to extol the set pieces in may. it's the next step in china's ambitious space program. not to miss out. the european space agency is also in foal to its network of tracking stations are being used to provide crucial support. if all goes smoothly the retro look and
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kept geological surveys and such but not too resource is off to deprive touches down on the moon later this month two time overall welsh champion actual extend the olive played his first race win of the season on sunday. the norwegian won the super g at lake louise canada. the rating of the pink and welsh cup champion in that discipline crushed line at opening time of one minute and twenty eight point five three seconds. with his fifth grade super g with a scrape the canadian resort. our proposal we can recall for welsh cup victories with the korea trip to. the feel strangely rounded off the podium in second and third by the us might have matched his best to replace it with the runners up spot the twenty three year old who study of the podium was a second place in the super trio of snow in catskill in january was point two four seconds adrift. the other. a
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place with demise. it could destroy but to the veterans do was point one four seconds but the rough place the thirty two year old has won only two world cup races before with his last victory coming three years ago beaver creek. well here we hoping to repeat the feat next weekend with them and head to the colorado resort for a series of races jessica little break out the summer break has some great local equivalents of late with victory in the giant slalom in beaver creek colorado. twenty nine year old swede whose last victory came in a super g according to them that's due in two thousand and nine was in top spot off from a band held on to cook a compelling putting time in two minutes and seventeen point nine two seconds. american sensation dictatorship which was second to first podium finish in the despair in the eighteen year old who got kissed on
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the button and skipped with a slalom world cup title with a sled that by hundredths of a second open until the caprice place. winner of the slalom and at the top of jeopardy second in the overall standings. a key port behind switzerland's market has already won three races so far this season at victims lions team that will grow today celtic league runners up spot in the downhill race it's a resort with a fifth place finish. also one who felt the season opening giant slalom and sold them last month. it is now for the role of the text of my memories cellist local storms to a four stroke victory to successfully defend his alfred dunhill championship title on sunday in the london south africa. the former monsters champion blues with a final round four under sixty eight for seventeen of the total was twenty one dropped only three shots in four days as he celebrates his talk at leopard creek following victories in two thousand and four. last year
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richard finch finished with eleven seconds the englishman who was playing on a sponsor's invite after losing his talk on the end of the disappointing twenty thirteen season post with a two under seventy eight but get sucked into the troubled by good fortune effectively ending challenge lauren eye eye. all it is a lot less. but the outstanding book of god the books. every age group. from five until nineteen fifty two. aren't i all of it the eye. along
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with it the room lor. it's true that the system. he says
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dear earlier the situation and it is too close to india is then that means treating common symptoms of the country. yemeni two business units and state. he hopes to bring calm to peek in and of god is one such outfit. muhammad died john and me when she will be
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dumped in different religions dollars unit in nineteen ninety two. to date his demise as a buffet example of a new comedy and travel. its success can be added to pitch in harmony among what cuts for middle and if it fits the good that is the fact of the nine be considered to have is that. the tool they need to calm down. with the behemoth get compliments of you who has been going off on them. my body didn't. so needy that they would beat the autumnal mood or not. is it that you are going to sit there and then come watch yemen is the updated in awhile which is a new da hui it was he. just books like was done by the kremlin tebow
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and his usage and magazines of printing up some different states not relieve us together but also can each other in times of needs do you go. my tendency to not let your mind and a man with the billabong on the problematic of them on the web. they did. i've been doing them again. he argued that when god. what you want the law to stop the beat of the audience these were christian center posted examples of interfaith understanding and believing which is the essence of the pump is expensive indeed many men will experience working with the families of her young age. the criticism of those detector company to next level you need to try contacts. he was picked up the caucasus is one of the helmand province. to meet americans with stains and stadiums to find out how they
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can best weekly dates for local projects. this discomfort since late two thousand and nine. the event is the keystone for the reconstruction of the local economy before this conference and a few companies were working. for now many companies are working. it's a great development which leads to more facilities. to get the multitude of business cards. these entrepreneurs with a stiff peaks that leads directly to contest the contract is highly contested the farmer takes it for the district of helmand but it was already have two or three projects in one hand don't say they want trees haunting and con the city there are some electricity projects the same intel are on their projects and many of the district to live with it the statement will often be the key to a safe environment in the costco checks all too often gone to a place in kabul. leave it to the country from pakistan and iran. events like these
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things happen to them. this is constricted contractors and so i can say. alicia condition of the problems is that we can only use natural diamonds with spikes. look at the bit to other international companies in the company's progress pics to us what they're giving us a shed which is just nasty to work. between them. there is a middle and get some money we want to work with teens national tournaments directly to cuddle. that's what keeps it in trucks and non profit organization that builds up and capacity iptv in the pages of local business this is what is mainstream this is not freedom. it is after first policy and boosting local business. they understand the crucial link between building the economy and fight to the insurgency it is argued that the highest level and endorsed the highest level that the afghan first program at least one key element to the strategic stability in that not just the province but the whole country where effectively creates an intensive options for
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influencing young miles to lead to the business build factories shops and this gives them a choice to do business but even as adults insurgency. but this is getting held and still face difficulties in the province which i think a two d street is open to entrants. this was sometimes come across a vehicle checkpoints. don't stop what you cook the checkpoints wants us to take the money to escort us the boys they say they were the toast of snow outside security and tackle corruption and of course the challenge is to make each or helmets kisses has flourished. pt and the government puts the emphasis has to wear a tee. the subject of this could be a key part of the future of afghanistan i use this and future since he had undertaken to determine if it seems she is in response to the gdp you access to computers and about but they had access to
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the bayview and easy access to high five. all i ought to do next as you can see it's nice that we got home he said both will be a text ad spots in june so this is targeted at all and the big advantage of the easiest to the mountains to the dean's office. don't overdo it i didn't even intend on getting kicked in. depending upon the blinding any child that it wants to show this to be extended and mortified when i get to it. the opinions of me the boat by me. she works there. twenty four hundred number with stones and
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bottles. they used to what to do that. the copy of the gifts you sent the sentiment the nt. he consistently reduced by about sixty million people on the country. you see a topic if the date on it and invite him. this list and then fixing the views and comments on the given topic that's been the intention is to see off cost is eighteen and it was just a few steps off the existing products. this tree. humility is really experienced two years alone even today. pete's world war he said. we suffered through civil wars attacks and violence against men women and children. too often the result is poverty hunger disease. homelessness. does it have to be this way always and forever. to learn to mediate their differences negotiator conflicts and recognize the benefits of cooperation. the rotary foundation believes i was wanting to make it real. in
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two thousand to the foundation established a network of centers for international studies in peace and conflict resolution very few centers worldwide is to train people to the results of conflicts of the media says. the new med and twenty or thirty universities worldwide. but now specializing in this unknown but the key ones are coming together in the stripper simpsons located at universities in five continents. the center's train up to sixty rotary world peace fellows each year in an uncertain world. their skills are needed now more than ever the new new new and one. torture program. i said to a wide definition of peace peace is much more than the absence of war peace is about these pieces living together in our daily lives peace is all about
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the coexistence with me on the planet. since then aunt and cousins. i asked them to seven days. camden so extensive that last piece of good and they gave me experience working with people in a very international setting. he gave me lessons learned from people who had seen in complex situations that dealt with developments in front of me and the brother of a twelve piece band of it to the enabling me to find common decency and common types portrait of peace. as a piece coming. i spent the summer and then painted antique in quest of international negotiation and and and mediation and this was directly applicable in total for example address with contents are civil society. i have learned from my study in the side is that i am using the scheme and knowledge in my head and lets in cambodia. one of the programs today. it is stated in the end of last summer field experience was a month in palestine. i was
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working with the palestinians and setting up an nco. soo next japanese youth and outstanding. so silly being in those situations and learning about the realities on the grounds as well as the theoretical background to deal with israel. it's very important. dh has experienced two gms who also have an academic grounding is still far too few. the thing is you really need to produce and the third generation of people connected with this kind of room. on lightly. i like my friends so that we have led the warriors led to forced to work together i miss the road to peace is not
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an easy one to think that that's an essential part of obama's its network that's that's belts. is it. which poetry is now making it to peace education for young people it's extraordinary it's extremely important test we enjoyed cents at the pieces and epithets. it's really worth supporting and its sin and then at the end of the rotary foundation the cost. i stitched. otway i keep the boys that fill the peace and comfort with it and i couldn't find any opportunity to build up on dates or skills like that place can come to get that
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chance going. and then set aside. all in. snelling and there's only so much i could do. on the concert tomorrow though the students and people young people were interested in making change a change for the better need to be hearing that this is an important than its chest. test. i was determined to do. we're hoping is that we can make a tangible contribution. the key to overcoming some of these problems. things will be an
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extremely good will from a tree. just in the coming as perceiving him to come to us this is my life my dedication working for peace locally nationally and internationally. this is just confirming something of interest. many many years each. he is. she didn't like joseph kennedy. pastor steve pemberton. which commemorates the truth in the first day of the conviction rates the child. room. just listen to the far reaches of the universe the contentious
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postage. since it's open to new piece to stitch and sleep in the house. you should really use this group masters and musicians from around the road. my kids the children. we listened to the ranks. while the story went. www. the networks the photo. okay went to market. from nigeria. so that's come in for democracy caught this little chrissy was formed in my sights along the city's up of me pink to push it in my tuna. my due date assume you mean it to science. a musical. when the rice worst teams in the seat it was formed the country where i come from. we may be he is the symbol on its axis the units. so when i was last long. it looked awful site links. on to win the race was also fun. i am not winning so that the wound. you would
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think is nice to use and abuse of our house we get to those. they are very long time. the portico nice look of dawn and it is going to prepare me to great heights i'm dating just need to be with my why is the costliest made it lots of you don't get some stuff interesting how would these i would be to see what call long distance phone to the allies that all of them. so i went to school to speak out. i would do it looked small in ensuring that remain get to know what needs to be good to have the chills if we want you want. i did still sees this playlist this book which counts more people talking. on wednesday. i bought peace peace peace peace but no one has spoken of by justice. so what will
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it go down my stats. you don't want the secret war and though we had to do was come with such issues on the front lawn. i went on about how we each get one life to the store will think it looks official opening. in my cute baby quilts. the us mark says this incident might have had to step

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